Openly Positive Inc

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Openly Positive Inc is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, offering services that includes but not limited to HIV testing/counseling, linkage to care and resources to people living with HIV.

Vision Statement:

”our vision is to live in a world where PLWHIV are free to be their authentic selves and not live in fear, guilt or shame about a diagnosis.”

Misdion Statement:

”Openly Positive is on a mission to eradicate stigma in the HIV/AIDS community by empowering them to live proactively and not in fear.”

During this unforgettable year, Giving Tuesday and World AIDS Day are observed on the same day — Tuesday, Dec. 1.  

As a nonprofit that focuses on building awareness, eradicating stigma and curating a safe space for everyone affected by HIV, we commemorate this special occasion by doubling down on our three pillars:  

* Strengthening families through holistic approach.

* supporting community-driven responses through strategic collaboration and partnerships.

* Advocating to decision-makers to support the governmental and non-governmental interventions necessary to improve the health and well-being of people living with or vulnerable to HIV.  

Please join us in commemorating this important day during this life-changing year as we support those we serve as they struggle with the ongoing impacts of COVID-19.  –

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What is STIGMA?“Stigma is a powerful discrediting social label that radically changes the way an individual is viewed by others and can alter how he/she/they/them sees himself/herself/themselves.”Stigma manifest its self in various ways; by felt stigma: refers to how someone may anticipate the discrimination and the shameful feeling associated with it.Enacted stigma: is the actual experience of said discrimination.-Why does stigma occur?It’s a reaction to:who you are ( identity)what you have done ( Behavior)* Something that may not be accurate or current ( Perceptions)-There are four levels of Stigma:1) Intrapersonal: internalized thoughts, Etc.2) Interpersonal: Relationship to others, including Clients/Provider, Etc.3) Institutional: Ability to Access services.4) Community/Cultural: Environments that shapes prevailing ways of thinking.-Know the signs of stigma, recognize it, empower yourself so you can dismantle stigma with love and knowledge.eradicatestigma #starttalkingstophiv #ourwordsmatter #ouractionsmatter #hivpositive #hivawareness #nostigmazone #knowledgeispower

Letter To My Strong Beautiful Single Ladies.

Self-love: “noun” regard for one’s well-being and happiness ( chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).

To love one self enough to recognize when your in a toxic relation-Ship, it can be a Friend-ship, companion-ship, any type of relation-ship… if it’s not in your best interest abandon ship.

I’m going to do something i never do, i’m going to be as transparent, honest yet respectful and private to all of me and only me. “not trying to be narcissistic”just keeping it real.

Men claim they want a woman who has all her shit together, things like: a woman who cook Good! f**k good, clean good, iron good, credit score looking good, bills paid on time good, hang out with him and his friends good, travel the world good, kids taken care of good, house in tack good, bank account looking good, body looking and smelling good, feet pedicured good, nail’s done good, can carry-on any conversation like a chameleon good ; but hold up a second, did you not meet this person and his ducks was not all in a row? hmmm! lets go back a ways, shall we… when this person met you, you was getting you ducks in a row all by your lonesome, you never ask for help or any handout, let’s not forget to mentioned this person pursed you for 2 years… finally you give the handsome devil a try, he wowed you with his devilish charm and you got distracted and blind by all the distractions, until one day your sunny skies wasn’t so sunny any more, and he turn around and say to you: “i don’t know about you, but i need time and i want my space. i waited for you for 2 years… if you want me back you have to get your shit together”. Now you didn’t know that i didn’t have my shit together 2 years ago when you was after me? i guess not… honestly i am glad that he did and said those things, i have lost my self in someone else, i had giving my power away, i spend days and nights crying and wanting to die asking my self what did i do to  this man to make him act this way towards me. After a while it finally hit me you fool your crying and driving yourself crazy over nothing. The man merely use you to be his muse in that particular season and you fell right into his trap.

Ladies i’m written this to tell you, never give your self or commit to someone who can’t appreciate the efforts and sacrifices you make, even if they see and know that your stretching to make them fit in your world. they are selfish, happiness steelers ,joy killers. they pretend to love and want the best for you that’s all apart of they’re grand scheme of lies, self destruction, deceit, and disappointment.

But hold your head up high and know that you are a queen and there is a lost king making his way to find you, just like how you’ve been praying for him, he’s been praying for you, don’t shut yourself off from the man that god has prepared for you because of the asshole who don’t know who or what he want’s, so he f**k his life up and want to ruing yours.

Keep the faith, smile, live, love, laugh, continue to be beautiful get your shit together and don’t look back.

Enclosed is a little prayer for you lovely ladies.

“Dear Future Husband”!

I am praying for you, i am waiting on you.

God is looking after me until we meet, so please don’t worry.

I know you are praying for me too. God is preparing our hearts, our organization skills and our physical bodies for each other, by faith we know that God has perfect timing and even though we are distant now we will be together at the right moment in our lives.

When you start pursuing me. I will respond to you.

I pray God gives you his wisdom, peace, patience, love and perseverance always.

Your Future Wife. “Author Unknown”

To The Asshole Thank You for allowing Me to catch my self before i destroy my self in you.

P.S MiizMisha’s World.

Thamicha S Isaac

Radom Woman!

Today while grocery shopping with my 5 year old son, this lovely lady comes up to me and say:” can you get this box of rice and salad and a juice for me and my husband please? We’re HIV positive”. At that moment I looked at the lady dead in her eye balls and I spoke quickly to God in my mind, and said:” god is this a test? are you testing my work? or are you setting me up? reminding me of what my cause, purpose and calling is.” Then I said to the lady sure. Out of all the people that was shopping she came to me and ask, we walked and talked like we knew each other for years we were buddies. Lol smh, I give her my number and told her to call me if she ever wanted someone to talk to, she give me a hug and said god bless You MissMisha, I love you for what you did… See I come from a family that teaches oneness, love, compassion, understanding, and look out for each other even the very strangers that look like they have nothing or no one, I grew up with my grand mother always extending herself, her House to whom ever needed her. We’re all placed on this earth to Carrie out an assignment, either your in tune with your calling or becoming in tune, find your purpose in this life, make it worth living, make it meaningful, make it joyous but most of all Make Every Day Count.

Dear Black Man!!!

This letter is just a letter to the men in my life, it’s in no way shape or form, to betray or hate on any one, this letter is simply to express my many feelings towards you, in hopes that you’ll hear and feel my heart my pain, my tears, my fears, my happiness and most of all my love… My dear black man! you say you loved me, yet you abused me to the highest degree, you lift me up and put down emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. You were suppose to be my shine knight & armor, but I was wrong so wrong, You turned out to be the night mare from hell… Finally I had enough of your abusive obsessive behavior, so I ran away from you, and my life as I knew was at an haltering end… Dear Black man you was suppose to be the 1st love of my life, you was suppose to be the man that holds me in his arms and tell me everything would be alright, you was suppose to be, my protector, my advisor, my friend instead you was to busy getting high steeling, and feeding your own demons, you died when I was thirteen years old, and till this day I have not felt away, how could I, I really never knew you, I knew you were the man responsible for my birth, but I did not know you as a father because you was never there. I cannot change the past, or fix the present but I can surely write and direct my future paths, I have forgiving you for all the hurt that you have caused me, I’m a stronger woman because of the miss fortunes in my life, I am bless to be surrounded with woman of power, woman who can inspire me, who can uplift me, encourage me and show me the way, when I feel like loosing my self, I’m grateful for the woman who are there to pick me up and put me back to pieces. Inspired by “Stephanie Fleary”

Love or something like it!!!!

The meaning of love according to the Webster English dictionary:
: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person
: attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship
: a person you love in a romantic way. The love I feel towards another is different every time. No love is ever experienced or feels the same: the can’t eat, can’t sleep, heart racing just the thought of you or when I hear your name called or see it on my caller ID, feeling like a high school kid kind of love. I never thought I could feel that way again, but the heart never lies lol. Yet I fight the feelings I have deep down inside for not only are you not available to love me back the way I love you, you are wrapped up like an octopus with your tentacles in everything, still I love you or rather in love with the idea of who you are in my eyes; your presence, your way of thinking, your swagger, your attire, your mind and ability to control an entire room, captivated by your voice and aura is mesmerizing, you are definitely what my future husband looks like… loving you would be easy, no effort needed it came naturally like magnet drawn to each other… But I love my self more to let go of a clandestine affair that’s headed to a road of no where… Love to me is knowing that you care and you are in true bliss by your mate, knowing that you’ll tell me what I need to hear not what I want to hear, be true to me and yourself first and foremost, share the same values, goals, principles, understanding ones self, be crystal clear on where your headed in life, knowing who you truly are, that’s love to me, being committed not only to your mate but to yourself, the ability to communicate effectively, trust and allow each other to be your unique selves, be there when needed, not just for sexual pleasures, or sexual fantasies, but through thick and thin, highs and lows.

Single Ladies/ single Moms!!!

Single ladies! love yourselves, care for yourselves, take yourselves out on dates and dinners or even lunches and Brunches, send yourselves flowers with a lovely note attached. Being single is the perfect time to get to know the real you, spend time with you, so you know if you can hang with you, and if you can stand you… Then anybody else can hang and stand you… lol it helps you to identify your core-self, so that when that special someone comes your way, you are more then ready and open to receive what that person has to add or compliment what you already have. when your truly happy and comfortable with you, only then can you truly make someone else happy and compliment them with your presence, your grace, your sexiness, your intellectual-being because your already whole, your mate will be just the cherry on your cake lol, stop looking for someone else to make you happy or to fill a void, dig deep within yourself, learn about your likes and dislikes, your loves/needs and wants, you first have to be able to fulfill those empty spots that you feel and deeply desires, another person can only satisfy you half the times or in a moment type situation, what happens when they leave? You feel alone, miserable, lonely, helpless, unsatisfied. We are human we can never be fully satisfy unless we satisfy our own wants and needs, for us to be able to fully satisfy and complete another person… Single Moms! We are Sheroes, “jacks of all trades, masters of none”; we dedicate our lives and time to our Children and they’re well being, we nurture, cater and care for they’re every needs, after all it’s our job, we leave our selves undone, make sacrifices so that our children’s never want or need for nothing. What about our wants? What about our needs? We take care of everybody but us, we need to learn or shall I say change the way we approach our motherly duties; we should not only care about our dependent’s, we need caring for as well, treat our selves to some grown- up activities like: Pump Camp Dance sessions with a few girlfriends, movies or game-nights, get out the house, do something that you would never usually do even if it’s once, take up extra curricular activities for you and your kids, have your family time and your you time, it’s essential you deserve it and desperately need it, I don’t know bout you, but if your kids are like my kids they drive me crazy lol love em to death but I need my me time. I need that relaxation in my Tub with my scented candles and slow music playing in the background, yes honey we need those moments from going insane in our minds.

Thought Of SUICIDE!

The Thought of suicide, refreshing to some yet painful in it’s own way to others and to ones self. Sitting here thinking of ways to kill my self since the age of 13, now 31 mother of two yet the thought still taunts me. Every now and then I get that feeling to just end my life because of un-fulfillment/ uncertainty/ unhappiness in my life, but then when I begin to slip down that dark spiral room in my brain. I think of my kids and realize that I’m all they’ve got and if I out my self they would have no one to take care of them, “then my mind shift to what if I just do us all!” then I wouldn’t be leaving my kids on no one to take care of and all will be ok… See that’s the thing it’ll be ok for whom? The ppl that claim they love me and care about me, yet they are the same ones that can’t seem to see that something’s are really wrong with my picture, or will it be ok for me because I will no longer be here. Yet I go on every day is if everything’s ok, when deep down there’s a War of the self going on. I will not kill my self or my children, but I do think about it, I will seek help and talk to someone, because I do realize I need help, even though sometimes I say to my self, your strong, you’ve come so far, yet it seems I’ve accomplish nothing. The constant battle with ones self is most painful, yet it seems as times goes by the thoughts come and go, only triggered by episodes or events of life’s ever changing Cycles. So if you’ve ever had those thoughts of Suicide, speak with someone or write about it seek help, for there’s no salvation in taking your own life or any life… Life’s challenging but beautiful and full of adventures in it’s self, we all tend to be so consume by our everyday challenges and expectations that we drive our selves crazy. Enjoy the journey or path that has been laid out for your life course, for when your time has come the creator will take care of your home going, until then be encouraged be in good spirits, surround yourself with love and with people or things that you truly love and appreciate, and they truly love and appreciate you right back.


Confused and lost!!!!

When did I become so stagnant and still in my own none productive life? The life I live in my head and the actual life i live are two different worlds. Here I am young Beautiful, Full of life, “Oh so I think”! Have a great career ahead of me, and yet I feel like nothing’s happening. What do one do when they feel or think that they deserve better?they go out and get things done, make things happen, move mountains if need be, yet this confused and lost individual just sit and do nothing, as the saying says a confuse mind does what??? NOTHING.