Single ladies! love yourselves, care for yourselves, take yourselves out on dates and dinners or even lunches and Brunches, send yourselves flowers with a lovely note attached. Being single is the perfect time to get to know the real you, spend time with you, so you know if you can hang with you, and if you can stand you… Then anybody else can hang and stand you… lol it helps you to identify your core-self, so that when that special someone comes your way, you are more then ready and open to receive what that person has to add or compliment what you already have. when your truly happy and comfortable with you, only then can you truly make someone else happy and compliment them with your presence, your grace, your sexiness, your intellectual-being because your already whole, your mate will be just the cherry on your cake lol, stop looking for someone else to make you happy or to fill a void, dig deep within yourself, learn about your likes and dislikes, your loves/needs and wants, you first have to be able to fulfill those empty spots that you feel and deeply desires, another person can only satisfy you half the times or in a moment type situation, what happens when they leave? You feel alone, miserable, lonely, helpless, unsatisfied. We are human we can never be fully satisfy unless we satisfy our own wants and needs, for us to be able to fully satisfy and complete another person… Single Moms! We are Sheroes, “jacks of all trades, masters of none”; we dedicate our lives and time to our Children and they’re well being, we nurture, cater and care for they’re every needs, after all it’s our job, we leave our selves undone, make sacrifices so that our children’s never want or need for nothing. What about our wants? What about our needs? We take care of everybody but us, we need to learn or shall I say change the way we approach our motherly duties; we should not only care about our dependent’s, we need caring for as well, treat our selves to some grown- up activities like: Pump Camp Dance sessions with a few girlfriends, movies or game-nights, get out the house, do something that you would never usually do even if it’s once, take up extra curricular activities for you and your kids, have your family time and your you time, it’s essential you deserve it and desperately need it, I don’t know bout you, but if your kids are like my kids they drive me crazy lol love em to death but I need my me time. I need that relaxation in my Tub with my scented candles and slow music playing in the background, yes honey we need those moments from going insane in our minds.