This letter is just a letter to the men in my life, it’s in no way shape or form, to betray or hate on any one, this letter is simply to express my many feelings towards you, in hopes that you’ll hear and feel my heart my pain, my tears, my fears, my happiness and most of all my love… My dear black man! you say you loved me, yet you abused me to the highest degree, you lift me up and put down emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. You were suppose to be my shine knight & armor, but I was wrong so wrong, You turned out to be the night mare from hell… Finally I had enough of your abusive obsessive behavior, so I ran away from you, and my life as I knew was at an haltering end… Dear Black man you was suppose to be the 1st love of my life, you was suppose to be the man that holds me in his arms and tell me everything would be alright, you was suppose to be, my protector, my advisor, my friend instead you was to busy getting high steeling, and feeding your own demons, you died when I was thirteen years old, and till this day I have not felt away, how could I, I really never knew you, I knew you were the man responsible for my birth, but I did not know you as a father because you was never there. I cannot change the past, or fix the present but I can surely write and direct my future paths, I have forgiving you for all the hurt that you have caused me, I’m a stronger woman because of the miss fortunes in my life, I am bless to be surrounded with woman of power, woman who can inspire me, who can uplift me, encourage me and show me the way, when I feel like loosing my self, I’m grateful for the woman who are there to pick me up and put me back to pieces. Inspired by “Stephanie Fleary”