Today while grocery shopping with my 5 year old son, this lovely lady comes up to me and say:” can you get this box of rice and salad and a juice for me and my husband please? We’re HIV positive”. At that moment I looked at the lady dead in her eye balls and I spoke quickly to God in my mind, and said:” god is this a test? are you testing my work? or are you setting me up? reminding me of what my cause, purpose and calling is.” Then I said to the lady sure. Out of all the people that was shopping she came to me and ask, we walked and talked like we knew each other for years we were buddies. Lol smh, I give her my number and told her to call me if she ever wanted someone to talk to, she give me a hug and said god bless You MissMisha, I love you for what you did… See I come from a family that teaches oneness, love, compassion, understanding, and look out for each other even the very strangers that look like they have nothing or no one, I grew up with my grand mother always extending herself, her House to whom ever needed her. We’re all placed on this earth to Carrie out an assignment, either your in tune with your calling or becoming in tune, find your purpose in this life, make it worth living, make it meaningful, make it joyous but most of all Make Every Day Count.