Self-love: “noun” regard for one’s well-being and happiness ( chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).

To love one self enough to recognize when your in a toxic relation-Ship, it can be a Friend-ship, companion-ship, any type of relation-ship… if it’s not in your best interest abandon ship.

I’m going to do something i never do, i’m going to be as transparent, honest yet respectful and private to all of me and only me. “not trying to be narcissistic”just keeping it real.

Men claim they want a woman who has all her shit together, things like: a woman who cook Good! f**k good, clean good, iron good, credit score looking good, bills paid on time good, hang out with him and his friends good, travel the world good, kids taken care of good, house in tack good, bank account looking good, body looking and smelling good, feet pedicured good, nail’s done good, can carry-on any conversation like a chameleon good ; but hold up a second, did you not meet this person and his ducks was not all in a row? hmmm! lets go back a ways, shall we… when this person met you, you was getting you ducks in a row all by your lonesome, you never ask for help or any handout, let’s not forget to mentioned this person pursed you for 2 years… finally you give the handsome devil a try, he wowed you with his devilish charm and you got distracted and blind by all the distractions, until one day your sunny skies wasn’t so sunny any more, and he turn around and say to you: “i don’t know about you, but i need time and i want my space. i waited for you for 2 years… if you want me back you have to get your shit together”. Now you didn’t know that i didn’t have my shit together 2 years ago when you was after me? i guess not… honestly i am glad that he did and said those things, i have lost my self in someone else, i had giving my power away, i spend days and nights crying and wanting to die asking my self what did i do to  this man to make him act this way towards me. After a while it finally hit me you fool your crying and driving yourself crazy over nothing. The man merely use you to be his muse in that particular season and you fell right into his trap.

Ladies i’m written this to tell you, never give your self or commit to someone who can’t appreciate the efforts and sacrifices you make, even if they see and know that your stretching to make them fit in your world. they are selfish, happiness steelers ,joy killers. they pretend to love and want the best for you that’s all apart of they’re grand scheme of lies, self destruction, deceit, and disappointment.

But hold your head up high and know that you are a queen and there is a lost king making his way to find you, just like how you’ve been praying for him, he’s been praying for you, don’t shut yourself off from the man that god has prepared for you because of the asshole who don’t know who or what he want’s, so he f**k his life up and want to ruing yours.

Keep the faith, smile, live, love, laugh, continue to be beautiful get your shit together and don’t look back.

Enclosed is a little prayer for you lovely ladies.

“Dear Future Husband”!

I am praying for you, i am waiting on you.

God is looking after me until we meet, so please don’t worry.

I know you are praying for me too. God is preparing our hearts, our organization skills and our physical bodies for each other, by faith we know that God has perfect timing and even though we are distant now we will be together at the right moment in our lives.

When you start pursuing me. I will respond to you.

I pray God gives you his wisdom, peace, patience, love and perseverance always.

Your Future Wife. “Author Unknown”

To The Asshole Thank You for allowing Me to catch my self before i destroy my self in you.

P.S MiizMisha’s World.

Thamicha S Isaac